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Crossroads Animal Hospital

Serving The Community

We are the primary care veterinarian for the K9 unit of the Londonderry Police Department


Ammo, a Belgian Malinois, and his handler, Officer Rafael Ribeiro, graduated from the Boston Police K9 Academy on December 12, 2019. Together as a K9 team, they completed 500 training hours at the academy. They continue training every day and complete 2 days (16 hours) a month of required in-service training to maintain their certification. Ammo is trained and certified currently as a Patrol K9 which consists of:

  • Building searches

  • Article/Evidence searches

  • Area searches

  • Criminal Apprehension

  • Handler Protection

  • Tracking

K9 Ammo is also certified in Narcotics. K9 Ammo and Officer Ribeiro attended the Boston Police K9 Narcotics Detection Course and graduated/certified from the course on February 12, 2021. They obtained a National Certification for patrol through the North American Police Work Dog Association (NAPWDA) and a National Certification for Narcotics through the United States Police Canine Association (USPCA). Same as patrol, they maintain their certification through in-service training 3 times a month and re-certify annually to the standards of nationally recognized association.

In October 2021, they received their USPCA National Patrol Certification (see pictures below). It’s a certification that’s held to a stricter, higher standard at the national level. It’s not required for canine teams to obtain but the teams that do earn it, earn more credibility, especially when it comes to court rulings.

This certification test consists of the following:

  1. Obedience—To show the extent of control by the handler at heel and at a distance.

  2. Agility—To demonstrate the dog’s ability to surmount various obstacles.

  3. Searching—To locate, indicate and/or retrieve articles containing the scent of a stranger (Evidence Recovery) and to locate and indicate a hidden suspect by scent only (Suspect Search).

  4. Criminal Apprehension and Recall—To show the control of the dog under various circumstances, including apprehension under gunfire.

Officer Ribeiro was selected as the LPD K9 Handler in July 2019 and has had Ammo as his partner since August 2019. Before becoming the K9 Handler, he has been with the LPD for about 8 years serving as a patrol officer in different capacities, including being a Defensive Tactics/Firearms Instructor and Motorcycle Officer. He is also a member of the LPD Honor Guard and a member of the LPD Critical Incident Management Team. Ammo and Officer Ribeiro not only serve Londonderry, but they also assist other surrounding towns who need a K9 as mutual aid.


Mingo, a German Shepherd, joined the Londonderry Police Department in February 2010 with handler, Officer John Perry. He was certified as both a patrol K9 and a narcotic detection K9 and was also a member of Southern NH Special Operations Unit.

Career highlights:-Found lost, missing and suicidal people.-Found suspects wanted for committing crimes.-Found illegal contraband and narcotics.-Participated in dozens of community events and demonstrations.

He retired from active duty on August 1, 2017 and lived with Officer Perry and his family. In May of 2018, Mingo passed away. He served the community well and is missed, very much.