Crossroads Animal Hospital

123 Nashua Road
Londonderry, NH 03053


Veterinary Technicians

The technician team at Crossroads Animal Hospital is the core of our practice.  Everyone on the team is skilled in multiple aspects of veterinary medicine, including surgery and appointments.  They work most closely with the doctors and patients and have a multitude of tasks and responsibilities.


Our technicians are all very well educated. They attend seminars regularly to earn continuing education credits. They are highly skilled in communicating with clients about their pets' needs.  They attend weekly staff meetings in order to maintain continuity within the hospital.




Client Care Representatives

The Client Care Representatives are the gateway to our practice.  They are skilled in maintaining the flow and harmony throughout the hospital.  Their primary duty is interacting and working compassionately with clients.  They are also responsible for coordinating communication between the doctors, technicians and clients.


Our Client Care Representatives are trained regularly in client education.  They are able to assist with product information, flea and tick education, and relay information from doctors to clients.  They attend weekly staff meetings, as well, in order to maintain continuity throughout the hospital.